Now is the Time for Video

This is a different year. But the need to communicate your company goals for the year ahead is more important than ever.


Tell your company story in a high-quality, succinct and impactful video that showcases your leadership team and hits on your investor highlights, all recorded from your home or office.

This Year, We’re Doing Something Different

Since 2011, Executive Video has been helping companies communicate to investors using video during the most important time of the year in our annual San Francisco studio.


Now we're going virtual. This January, all month long, we will offering our remote production VIDEO TO-GO package to clients at a discounted rate.


  • Pre-production call prior to shoot

  • 1 remote recording session, up to 3 hours

  • VIDEO TO-GO BOX rental with HD webcam, USB shotgun mic, mini LED, solid state recording drive, accessories, and overnight shipping both ways

  • 1 day of post-production services to create a 2-3 minute interview video, including titles, graphics, incorporation of existing assets, and 1-2 rounds of editing revisions

How It Works





Schedule a shoot and we'll ship you our VIDEO TO-GO BOX, including HD webcam, desktop mic, dimmable LED light kit and accessories.

Prior to the shoot date, we'll provide standard interview question prompts and work with you to customize them for your specific messaging goals.

When it's time to shoot, we'll walk you through the easy setup and coach you through the interview to capture the soundbites you need.


The video editing process starts right away. While we wait for you to return the box with the high resolution footage, we start crafting your story using the material we captured remotely.

Sample Projects

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